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Hansom Information

Lanxi Hengxiang (Hansom) Brush Manufactures Co., Ltd. which is a professional manufacturer in making brushes. We have many kinds of paintbrushes including nylon brushes, solid tapered polyester brushes and bristle brushes, They are sold to all over the world.

Since it was established in 1999, Hansom brush company has always insisted on the goal of “make the best paintbrushes in china” to expand the market. We have super-strong capacity for designing and developing new product, modern standard of warehouse and workshop. The workmanship technology and processing equipments in brush industry has be in the advanced level.

Our management system is certified to ISO9000:2008, we also have established a full set of effective supervising system in controlling the costs of our products.

We focus on establishing long-term relationship of cooperation with our customers. With our professional knowledge in brush, effective cost accounting system, High-quality products and super-strong design capability, we believe that Hansom brush company is your best manufacturer and partner.

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